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History of the
Community Health Clinic

In 1975, Dolores County Health Association opened Community Health Clinic in the home of a Nurse Practitioner. Later the clinic was housed in an office building abandoned by Union Carbide Corporation.

In 1995, UMETCO Corporation donated the office building and surrounding property to Dolores County Health Association. And then we began to grow!

In 2000 a 3200 square foot addition was added, making room for specialty care and for Dolores County Public Health Nursing Services.

2005 saw the addition of space to provide for Dental Services.

In 2010, a two-story addition allowed for expanded dental services and additional space for administrative offices.

In the summer of 2016 Public Health moved out of the clinic into the public school. This was a result of planned expansion by the Clinic due to a high demand for Dental Services. Remodeling started in the fall of 2016 to expand from 3 to 5 dental chairs and add a full time dentist and staff. Remodeling in the winter of 2017 expanded the medical department to include 2 more exam rooms with the integration of a full time Behavioral Health provider. Additional space for specialty providers and administrative offices was also completed.

Dolores County Health Association started in 1975 with a staff of two nurse practitioners and has now grown to a staff of over 32 full and part time staff. The budget has grown from some ten thousands of dollars to over two million dollars as of 2017, contributing not only to the physical and mental health, but also to the financial health of the community.