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Joyce Waller named June Salute by the Community Voice

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Little did Joyce Barnett know when she and Frank moved here in 1967 that she would be the “go to” person in emergencies. But she is. She has spent 40 years as an EMT (emergency medical technician) and became a paramedic in 1997.

Joyce said she decided to become an EMT when her son had diabetes and that not many people knew how to handle the crisis of insulin reaction.

She and Frank have five children: Shelia, Robbin, Kurt, Crystal, and Billy. And she has 17 grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.

Joyce also has worked at the Community Health Clinic for the last 13 years. She helps in the pharmacy, assists the medical assistants, draws blood in the lab, and is more than willing to simply hold a hand.

She became a beloved volunteer because she has a love of her community, and sometimes people just need someone to hold their hand or they need the quick thinking of medical care to save a life.

“People here are just willing to give,” said Joyce. “And I am proud to be part of that giving community.”

The person who nominated her said “Joyce has seen community members at their best and at their worst, and lifted them up through kindness, skill, and love. She has followed the individuals that she has cared for to see they recover in the best possible way. Through her smile, joy, laughter, and love she has made Dove Creek a more caring community and a better place to live. She has touched so many lives.”

Congratulations, Joyce.
Joyce is the second person at the Community Health Clinic to be recognized by the Community Voice as a person of excellence. Jody Badding has also been recognized.

We are honored to have people of this caliber working to served the community of Dove Creek
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